Loan against Government Securities


Market Maker For Government Securities

LAFIN as a Market Maker is playing very active role both in primary and secondary market of the Government Bonds. These bonds are most secured instruments as are issued by Nepal Government through Nepal Rastra Bank. Besides being secured, these instruments are highly liquid. Interest rate, terms and conditions offered in such instruments may vary as per Nepal Government policy however investors are entitled to receive pre defined interest semi annually on their investment from any market makers. With its efficient and effective service LAFIN is being successful in increasing the number of clients looking for secured investments.

Loan against Government Securities

Loan against pledge able National Saving Bond shall not exceed 90% of the current value of National Saving Bonds or Governmental Bonds at the interest rate of 8% p.a.

Merchant Banking Activities:

LAFIN, besides being very active in Government Securities, is also a prominent player of the region as a collection center for Initial Public Share Offerings. As an initial phase of its Merchant Banking Activity has successfully served thousands of investors channeling their billions of rupees in the Nepalese Capital Market. It is now a globally proven fact that Capital Market plays instrumental role in economic development of the country and Nepal Government also trying to make the country's Capital Market more effective by broadening the scope of activities through new Securities Act. LAFIN is all set to be an active participant in broadens prospective of Capital Market by enhancing its Merchant Banking Activities.

Other Services:

  • Provide Financial counseling services
  • Buy and sale shares, debentures & other securities issued by company / corporate bodies.
  • Issue Financial Guarantee
  • Syndication and Participation in Project Financing.