SMS Banking


The SMS Banking Service allows a customer to view the information of their accounts using their Mobile Phones with SMS (Short Messaging Service) facility. In other word, the customer can access their bank account very conveniently but in a secured mode to perform various operations. This service provides the real-time account information in a true "anywhere, anytime transaction capabilities from the mobile phones very conveniently to the registered clients. This means cumstomers can access their account information, perform some banking transactions during office hours, from home country as well as from any country where mobile phone roaming services is available.

The system is designed to access the data of the Banking system to provide the required information. It works using Short Messaging Service (SMS) technology. With SMS, the client can perform a wide range of query-based transactions from a mobile phone, without making a call. The information are retrieved from Banking system and send back to the mobile phone via the SMS Centre, all in a matter of a few seconds.

This service is provided to the new and the existing customer for those who register their account and mobile. System allows the customer to change Pin Code(Password) and user can Activate or Deactivate their SMS registration or request for HELP using their mobile phone.

The following application features are currently facilitated in the SMS Banking Service.

Loan Accounts:

  • Enquiry of loans outstanding balance
  • Checking loans due amount
  • Checking amount required to close
  • View recent 5 account transactions within last six months

Saving/Super Saving Accounts:

  • Enquiry of account balance
  • Enquiry of available balance
  • Request for stop cheque payment
  • Withdrawal alert as per the amount specified by client
  • View recent 5 account transactions within last six months

Time Deposit Accounts:

  • Get information on principal amount, maturity date and interest rate.
  • Stop Rollover (Auto-Renewal)
  • View recent 5 account transactions within last six months.
Use the following Syntax :
S.N To Syntax
1. Query Balance: bal,A/C Code,Pin
2. Query Statement: stmt,A/C Code,Pin
3. Query Overdue: odue,A/C Code,Pin
4. Deactivate Service : dact,A/C Code,Pin
5. Re-activate Service : acti,A/C Code,Pin
6. Change Pin Code: npin,A/C Code,Old Pin,New Pin
7. Query all syntax: help

Example : bal,19015731,abcd

Please Send SMS to 9841221554

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